The Voice Stress technology (Voice Stress Analyzer)


About the VSA Technology
International Crime Analysis Association

The X13-VSA Voice Stress technology is a Computerized Voice Stress Analyzer that record psychophysiological stress responses that are present in human voice Powerful and is a very effective Voice Stress Analysis Lie Detector Software.

The Voice Stress technology (Voice Stress Analyzer) for Speech Analysis works in any language. Worldwide, law enforcement agencies have invested heavily in voice stress analysis (VSA) software programs and Police and government agencies use this modern technology as their primary lie detection tool.

The Voice Stress Analyzer is a very high-accuracy, advanced and easy to use Voice Analyzer software for defense and civilian markets used already by governments, law enforcement, military, insurance companies, customs, borders, financial companies & institutions, private individuals, retailers, law firms, small businesses, large corporations, and the military and more.

The X13-VSA Voice Stress Analyzer can be operated without any special training and the need to wire up a suspect.

The VSA is a digital device that run with a special software on a laptop, making it very convenient and easy to take anywhere.

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